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Wolf Advanced Technology

WOLF Advanced Technology designs and manufactures rugged VPX, XMC, and MXM/MXC modules for video capture, process, display, and AI inference. Solutions are designed to operate in harsh aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing any of the high-speed processing available from advanced NVIDIA, AMD and Xilinx GPUs, APUs and FPGAs. Modules range from extremely low power modules to industry-leading high-performance modules which meet embedded systems size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements. Products include rapidly available COTS solutions, feature-tailored MCOTS solutions, SOSA-aligned products and full custom designs. WOLF products are designed to pass rigorous environmental testing and manufactured to meet the highest reliability standards.

Featured Products

Wolf VPX6U-AD5000E-DUAL-VOVPX6U-AD5000E-DUAL-VO: Dual NVIDIA Ada, 19456 CUDA Cores, 608 Tensor Cores, 8 DisplayPort Outputs

Wolf VPX3U-AD5000E-VOVPX3U-AD5000E-VO: NVIDIA Ada, 9728 CUDA Cores, 304 Tensor Cores, Four Video Outputs

Wolf XMC-AD5000E-FGX2-IOXMC-AD5000E-FGX2-IO: NVIDIA RTX2000 Ada, up to 4K I/O, SDI, DP, CVBS

Wolf VPX3U-RTX5000E-SWITCHVPX3U-RTX5000E-SWITCH: NVIDIA Turing HPEC, PCIe Gen4 Switch, 10GigE Switch

Wolf VPX3U-XAVIER-SBCVPX3U-XAVIER-SBC: SBC Includes Xavier with Volta GPU & Carmel CPU, WOLF FGX

Wolf VPX3U-RTX5000E-CVVPX3U-RTX5000E-CV: NVIDIA Quadro Turing, 11 TFLOPS, 384 Tensor Cores, WOLF FGX

Wolf XMC-FGX2-SDI-4IOXMC-FGX2-SDI-4IO: 4K Video Capture, Convert, Transmit; Includes CoaXPress, SDI, Analog

Military and Aerospace Video and AI Rugged Modules

  • 3U/6U XPX GPGPU Processing
  • COM Express
  • Custom Solutions
  • MXC Products
  • MXM Products
  • SOSA-aligned Products
  • VMC Products
  • VPX RTM Products
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