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Equipto Electronics

Equipto Electronics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of shielded enclosures and mechanical packaging products for the electronics industry. Equipto designs and manufactures a wide variety of standard equipment enclosures, from full-size cabinets to sub-racks, at our facility in Aurora, Illinois. Special customer needs are fulfilled by modifications to standard designs or by custom enclosures. As a diverse metal fabricator we have standard product lines, each consisting of multiple variations and accessories, based on the EIA RS-310 standard (often referred to as the 19-inch standard). Many of these products are covered by the company’s numerous patents.

Since the company’s founding in 1960, our electronic packaging products have been designed with modularity extends well beyond the EIA RS-310 ( 19″ ) standard for maximum user flexibility. For example, equipment can be moved from a vertical rack to a sloped front console, work station or instrument cabinet without modification. By adding shelves, drawers, turrets, casters, lift bolts, standard or special panels, outlet strips, fans, blowers, an almost endless list of accessories and other options, our customers can often create the perfect electronic enclosure configuration out of a catalog of standard products.

While the Equipto Electronics design staff can find solutions to virtually any metal packaging need for electronics, the company has developed special expertise in EMI-RFI shielding for signals security and in the robust construction necessary for enclosures to survive major seismic-events. These capabilities make Equipto Electronics a preferred supplier for military, civil government, power utility and other critical electronic applications, as well as scientific research, medicine, oil exploration and transportation systems. Equipto Electronics Corporation is ITAR Registered and Compliant.

Featured Products

Equipto Challenger SystemsChallenger: Economy, Versatility, Modularity and Size Selection

Equipto KDI Server RacksKDI Server Racks: Very Economical and Rated for Heavy-Duty Applications

Equipto MUTMUT: Multi-Unit Testbed for Emulating RF Environments

Equipto NEMA EnclosuresNEMA Enclosures: Custom-Designed, Fast Turnaround and Industry-Leading Quality

Equipto R6R6: High-End Shielded Cabinets with the highest EMI/RFI Protection available

Equipto TempestTEMPEST System: MIL Standards PC for Applications where Shielding is critical

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