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HyperLabs is the industry-leading provider of high-performance components and test equipment with a focus on high-speed data and time domain applications. Founded in 1992, HyperLabs develops ultrabroadband Baluns, Pickoff Tees, Bias Tees Samplers, Amplifiers (and more) to 110GHz. Focusing heavily on cutting-edge yet budget-conscious designs, HyperLabs also offers a range of benchtop Pulse/Impulse Generators, TDR, TDT, and Signal Path Analyzers. HyperLabs is “Innovation at Hyperspeed“.

Featured Products

HyperLabs HL9409HL9409 Broadband Balun (500 kHz to 100 GHz)

HyperLabs HL9465HL9465 Broadband Z-matched Pick-off Tee (DC to 50 GHz)

HyperLabs HL9449HL9449 Broadband Bias Tee (160 kHz to 110 GHz, 175 mA)

HyperLabs HL5877HL5877 Broadband Limiting Amplifier (35 kHz to 24 GHz)

HyperLabs HL9439HL9439 Broadband DC Block (160 kHz to 110 GHz)

HyperLabs HL9477HL9477 Broadband Resistive Power Divider (DC to 67 GHz)

  • RF/Microwave Solid State Amplifiers
  • Bias Tees
  • Components, RF/Microwave
  • Pulse Generators
  • Baluns
  • Pickoff Tees
  • Samplers
  • Signal Path Analyzers
  • Northern California
  • Southern California