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Noisecom, a division of Wireless Telecom Group

Noisecom is a leader of RF and microwave noise sources for signal jamming and impairment, reference level comparison and calibration, receiver robustness testing, and jitter injection. Electronic noise generation devices from Noisecom come in a variety of product types including, noise diodes, built-in-test modules (BITE), calibrated noise sources, jitter sources, cryogenic noise standards and programmable instruments. Calibrated noise sources are available from audio to millimeter wavelengths in coaxial or waveguide modules. Programmable instruments are highly configurable and able to generate precise Carrier-to-Noise, Signal-to-Noise and broadband white noise. Noisecom products are customizable to meet the unique needs of challenging applications and can be designed for high power, high crest factor, and specific filter responses with a wide selection of input and output options.

Noisecom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, a global provider of electronic noise generation equipment and a leader in the manufacture of test equipment dedicated to measuring power of RF and microwave systems used in multiple telecommunication markets.

Featured Products

Noisecom RFX7000BRFX7000B Programmable Noise Generator: Up to 127.9dB in 0.1dB Steps

Noisecom UFX7000BUFX7000 Noise Generator: Up to 127dB in 0.1dB Steps, Several Connector Types

Noisecom CNGCNG-EbNo SNR Noise Generator: Signal-to-Noise Generator that sets and maintains highly accurate ratios

Noisecom J7000BJ7000B Jitter Noise Generators

Noisecom Noise SourcesBroadband Calibrated Noise Sources

Noisecom Chips & DiodesNC100 / NC200 / NC300 / NC400: Chips and Diodes

Over the Air Testing 5G and mmWave

How Can a Noise Source Help Electronics Testing?

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