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Microwave Town

Microwave Town is a leader in the microwave component industry. They offer a wide range of high quality, precision RF products such as coaxial and waveguide components, broadband power amplifiers, and antennas for DC to 330 GHz. Their millimeter wave products are carefully designed and widely used in military and commercial applications. They focus on meeting the most stringent specifications and requirements and are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality products, competitive pricing, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.

Featured Products

MT RF Coaxial CablesRF Coaxial Cables

MT Microwave AmplifiersRF Microwave Amplifiers

MT Waveguide AdaptersWaveguide Adapters

MT Coax AdaptersCoax Adapters, Connectors, Combiners, Splitters

MT AntennasAntennas & Horns

  • Adapters, Waveguide
  • RF/Microwave Solid State Amplifiers
  • Antennas
  • Precision Coaxial Components
  • Couplers, RF/Microwave
  • Filters, RF/Microwave
  • Horns
  • Loads
  • Shorts, RF/Microwave
  • Splitters, RF/Microwave
  • RF/Microwave Cables
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