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Parry Labs

At Parry Labs, we’re redefining the edge for the modern battlespace with technology that delivers rapid capability deployment and a decisive combat advantage. Our small form factor hardware and open architecture software deliver the highest performing edge computing available. Designed with pervasive modularity, these ultra-compact systems set a new standard for high-performance solutions with unparalleled high-density input/output for application hosting of autonomy, intelligent networking, artificial intelligence/machine learning, navigation capabilities, electronic warfare, and more.

Featured Products

Edge Compute HyperEdge Compute Hyper - High TRL, server class processor, unparalleled I/O

Edge Compute MicroEdge Compute Micro - Intel processor and NVIDIA GPU in very small SWaP

Edge Compute SquadEdge Compute Squad - Portable SWaP Optimized Solution

Edge Compute AutonomyEdge Compute Autonomy - First fully qualified Dual GPU on the market

  • Electronic Warfare
  • Mission Systems Hardware
  • System Integration
  • Edge Computing
  • Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)
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