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inTest Thermal Solutions

inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS) specializes in the design and manufacture of precision temperature control systems. Our breadth of products and in-house engineering capabilities allow us to be a single-partner-solution for thermal test, process cooling, and cold storage applications. We are recognized globally for our expertise in precise temperature control and simulation of extreme thermal environments, from -185 to +500°C, with rapid transitions or long dwell times. The iTS family includes four product brands: Temptronic, Sigma Systems, Thermonics, and North Sciences. inTEST Thermal Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of inTEST Corp, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA.

Featured Products

inTest ECO SeriesECO Thermostream® Series, -80° C to 225° C

inTest Hot/Cold PlatesHot & Cold Plates, -90° C to +200° C

inTest Thermal ChambersStandard and Custom Thermal Chambers, -185° C to +500° C

inTest ThermospotTemptronic® ThermoSpot® DCP-202 Bench Top Temperature Forcing System

ThermoSpot® IC Thermal Characterization System

  • Thermal Platforms
  • Temperature Chambers
  • Temperature Forcing Systems
  • Thermal/Environmental Test
  • ThermoStream Fast Temperature Cycling
  • Thermospot Direct Contact Systems
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  • Southern California