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Boonton Electronics, a division of Wireless Telecom Group

Setting the highest standards in accuracy and ease-of-use, Boonton Electronics is recognized as a leader in high-performance test instrumentation and sensors. We are a manufacturer of test equipment dedicated to measuring the power of RF and microwave systems used in both military and commercial sectors.

The company also manufactures impedance measuring instruments, RF voltmeters and audio analyzers. Boonton Electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, a global provider of electronic noise generation equipment and a leader in the manufacture of test equipment dedicated to measuring power of RF and microwave systems used in multiple telecommunication markets.

Boonton's diverse and innovative products are currently used to test terrestrial and satellite communication, radar, telemetry, electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasures (ECM), and an expanding number of wireless communications products.

Featured Products

Boonton PMX40PMX40: RF Power Meter

Boonton 4500C4500C: Peak Power Analyzer

Boonton 45404540: Peak Power Meter

Boonton RTP5000RTP5000: Real-Time Peak USB Power Sensors

Boonton SGX1000SGX1000: RF Signal Generators

Boonton NGX1000NGX1000: RF Noise Generators

Over the Air Testing 5G and mmWave


The Power of Boonton Real-Time Power Processing

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  • RF Power Meters
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  • Sensors, Modulation
  • Noise Sources
  • Signal Generators
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