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Astronics Test Systems

Astronics Test Systems, headquartered in Irvine, CA, is a complete test and measurement systems provider. Benefiting from more than 50 years experience in the test and measurement business, Astronics Test Systems offers a full range of products and capabilities that include integrated test solutions, custom designs, complete turn-key hardware and software systems, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) instrumentation, test software, and engineering solutions that address test instrumentation obsolescence.

From "build-to-print" to imaginative development of state-of-the-art products, we have the experienced instrument and system design engineers, test program set developers, avionics test domain experts and manufacturing capabilities needed for all test solutions.

Our engineering teams work with the major test system bus architectures and standards: VXI, LXI, PXI, and digital, as well as rack-mount and bench-top instrumentation. We market some of the industry’s most respected brands: Racal Instruments™, Talon Instruments™, and Trig-Tek, as well as TYX PAWS Developers Studio, TestBase, SigBase, and TRD.

In addition to our reputation as a leading supplier of test and measurement instruments and switching systems, Astronics Test Systems can leverage the company’s electronic, mechanical, software, and system engineering department capabilities to either reengineer an existing product to meet specific needs, or develop a customer concept into a complete, manufacturable, supportable product.

Coupled with our reputation as a premier supplier of test hardware and systems is the complementary skill set of developing and providing support for all Test Program Sets (TPS’s) throughout their life cycle. This includes: test program updating and modification; the transfer of TPS’s to other ATE platforms; and the updating of support and user documentation as well as on-line HELP facilities.

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Astronics Systems & ServicesSYSTEMS & SERVICES: Semiconductor Test, Military Electronics, Aerospace/Defense, Build-to-Print, Custom Designed Solutions

Astronics Semiconductor Test SolutionsTest Systems for Semiconductor Devices

Astronics RFIURF Switching Interface Units (RFIU)

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