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    Serving California, Nevada and Hawaii  |  Since 1962

  • Introducing our NEWEST Manufacturers!

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    Wireless, Optical, RF & Microwave, Digital Instruments

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    GPS/GNSS and PNT solutions

    Pendulum logo

    GPS/GNSS Simulators, Time and Frequency Counters/Analyzers/Standards, & Frequency Distributions

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    Products for High-Speed Signal Integrity
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    Online product guides will easily help you find the right AC
    Source or DC Power Supply to fit your application--with just a few
    clicks.  Try it today!

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    Ametek HPX


    HPX Series - 36kW-240kW High Power Extensible Programmable DC Series
     - The flexibility you want with the capability you need in one system
     - 0-10V up to 0-1000V | 45A to 6000A

    Ametek Asterion  

    Asterion AC Series - 500VA-9000VA Programmable AC & DC Power Source
     - Leading AC Power Density in a 1U Chassis
     - Full output power over widest voltage range
     - Intuitive touch screen

  • YOK DL350   Yokogawa logo black


    NEW Products!



    DL350 Portable ScopeCorder

    The DL350 features deep measurement and recording capabilities you need in the lab in a compact instrument you can take into the field.



    PX8000 Precision Power Scope

    The PX8000 precisely captures voltage and current waveforms, opening up applications and solutions for a variety of emerging power measurement challenges.

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    Download the Weinschel
    Quick Reference Guide today!


    Weinschel Quick Reference Catalog

    Programmable Attenuation, Phase Shifter and Switch Units

    Digital & Programmable Attenuators

    COTS Subsystems

    High Reliability Attenuators

    Low PIM Attenuators & Terminations

    Medium & High Power Attenuators & Terminations

    Conduction Cooled (Flat-Pack) Attenuators & Terminations



    Ward/Davis Embedded Systems teams up with new principals!


    Eurotech Giga-tronics Timbercon

    Embedded Boards, Edge Computing, HPEC and IoT

    Electronic Warfare and Radar Test Solutions

    COTS & Ruggedized Fiber Optic Solutions

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     Check out the latest offerings from
    Boonton Electronics!
    Boonton RTP5000 Boonton CPS2000 Boonton RTP4000
    RTP5000 Real-Time Peak Power Sensors
    Highest Video Bandwidth and Fastest Rise Time
    CPS2000 True Average Connected Power Sensors
    USB, LAN and PoE Capabilities for RF Power Measurement
    RTP4000 Real-Time True Average Power Sensors
    80dB Dynamic Range - Frequency Range down to 6kHz


    NHR logo1



    NHR 9300 Slider 

    Model 9300

    Regenerative DC Source/Load - 100kW

    NHR 9410 Slider 

    Model 9410

    Regenerative Grid Simulator

    NHR 9430

    Model 9430

    Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Load

  • T LeCroy logo     NEED SCOPES???

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    Upcoming Webinars and On-Site Seminars

    TLecroy HDO6000A TLecroy HDO9000 TLecroy PAA  TLeCroy WR8000
    HDO6000A High Definition Oscilloscope
    350MHz-1GHz / 4 Analog Input Channels - 12-bit Resolution
    HDO9000 High Definition Oscilloscope
    350MHz-1GHz / Exceptional Signal Fidelity with 10-bit Resolution, 4GHz Bandwidth
    Power Application Accessories
    RP4030: DC Power/Voltage Rail Probe
    : High Voltage Fiber Optically-Isolated Probe
    WaveRunner 8000 Oscilloscope
    500MHz-4GHz / Wide Range of Tools + Powerful Measurement Software
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