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    Serving California, Nevada and Hawaii  |  Since 1962

  • Introducing our NEWEST Manufacturers!

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    Amplifiers for EMC Reliability Test

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    Antenna Measurements, EMC & Anechoic Chamber Solutions

    T-LeCroy logo

    Broadband Oscilloscopes up to 100GHz

    Coherent-Solutions logo

    Optical Measurement Solutions

    SHF logo

    BERT Solutions up to 60Gbs

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    High-Speed Data Acquisition / Switch Systems
  • Fluke logo   Join us May 16th or 17th for a Fluke "How-To" Seminar!


    Spend a day with Fluke Calibration experts learning about the latest innovations in temperature, pressure, and electrical calibration--plus NEW calibration software that increases lab efficiency while reducing complexity.

    The presentations will show a clear range of solutions that will fit your needs and budgets. 

    May 16th @ the Long Beach Marriott

    May 17th @ Hampton Inn San Diego


    Click HERE to register!

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    New online product guides will easily help you find the right AC
    Source or DC Power Supply to fit your application--with just a few
    clicks.  Try it today!

          AC Products      DC Products





    ETS TerraSAS - Standalone TerraSAS Photovoltaic Simulator
    A new high performance solution in a small form factor that combines an agile
    power supply with an innovative I-V curve generator in a single standalone unit.


    SG Series - Programmable DC Power Supply
    NEW MODELS!  Expanded voltage to 1000V!

  • DL850E   Yokogawa logo square


    NEW Products!



    DL850E ScopeCorder

    The new DL850E and DL850EV incorporate a number of new features to allow engineers to measure and analyze a wealth of signals in real-time.



    PX8000 Precision Power Scope

    The PX8000 precisely captures voltage and current waveforms, opening up applications and solutions for a variety of emerging power measurement challenges.

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    Download the Weinschel
    Quick Reference Guide today!


    Weinschel Quick Reference Catalog

    Programmable Attenuation, Phase Shifter and Switch Units

    Digital & Programmable Attenuators

    COTS Subsystems

    High Reliability Attenuators

    Low PIM Attenuators & Terminations

    Medium & High Power Attenuators & Terminations

    Conduction Cooled (Flat-Pack) Attenuators & Terminations

  • cascade-logo-300

    NEW Probe Station Bundle Packages:

      150mm / 200mm / 300mm Probe Systems - Cascade offers a complete line of high-performance solutions, from cost-effective manual stations to semiautomatic thermal stations for probing 200mm or 300mm wafers.  Their probers are designed for upgradability and now come in four pre-configured packages--I-V/C-V, RF, MMW, and Failure Analysis.

     Reliability Test Products:

      1164 / Symphony / Application Modules - Modular, Scalable design to support all test types: EM, SM, CVEM, CIEM, LFPEM, CV, TDDB, SILC, BTS, MTTDDB, HCI, BTI, BTS and VT.
  • NEW PRODUCTS FROM    Fluke logo





    High Performance
      Multifunction Calibrator 
      Hydra Series III Data Acquisition 
    System / Digital Multimeter
    27GHz Low Phase Noise
    Reference Source

    Ward/Davis Embedded Systems teams up with new principals!


    Emcor transparent ARMod transparent

    Modular Enclosure Systems, Racks, Cabinets, Consoles, Workstations, and Data Centers

    Broadband Solid State Amplifier Modules & Systems, Tunable Laser Assemblies


    T-LeCroy logo

    Serial Data Analysis

      We can help with



    SHF logoGeneration and
      Error Detector Solutions



    Data rates up to 100Gbs, PAM4, and Phase-Modulated Signals!

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    Check out the latest offerings from
    Wireless Telecom Group!

    NoiseCom logo

    Boonton-USB Noisecom-JV9000
    55 Series Wideband USB Power Sensor
    Fast and Accurate RF Power Measurements
    JV9000 Series Adjustable Vcc Noise Generator
    VCC Noise Generator 500 Hz to 2 GHz, 0dBm
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