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Teledyne Storm Microwave

Teledyne Storm Microwave manufactures high quality interconnect products and cable assemblies for domestic and international defense and telecom markets since 1978.

Located near Chicago, Illinois, Teledyne Storm Microwave was one of the first companies to offer high performance flexible and semi-rigid RF/Microwave cable assemblies with low density, tape-wrapped dielectric.


  • Our flexible and semi-rigid coax cable is produced in house, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.
  • Flexible cable assemblies through 50 GHz are designed to meet requirements for Low Loss, Phase Stability, Durability, and Miniaturization. High performance flexible products include our True Blue™, Phase Master™, and Storm Flex™ lines.
  • High performance, low loss semi-rigid requirements are met with our Maximizer Gold™ phase stable low loss products and Maximizer Silver™ low loss RG replacement products.
  • Products for test applications include a line of push-on adapters and our Accu-Test™ flexible cable product line specifically designed for applications where phase stability versus flex is a critical parameter.
  • We also offer phase and amplitude matching, armoring/ruggedizing, and custom cable routing. A dedicated quick-turn prototype team is equipped to produce both connector and cable assemblies in short time frames to help meet challenging schedules. And, our broad range of test & measurement capabilities plays a vital role in delivering reliable, high performance products at cost-effective prices.

Featured Products

Storm dB MiserdB Miser™: Ultra Low Loss Cable Assemblies

Storm FlexCoreFlexCore™: Highly Flexible, Stranded Cable Assemblies

Storm PhaseMasterPhaseMaster™: Phase Stable Cable Assemblies

Storm AccuTestAccuTest™: Phase Stable Test & Measurement Cable Assemblies

Storm TrueBlueTrueBlue™: Low Loss Cable Assemblies

Storm DuraTestDuraTest™: Extra Durable Everyday Test Assemblies

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