Wild River Technology
Wild River Technology

Wild River Technology provides products and services for the high-speed Signal Integrity Engineer - an individual who addresses challenges in modeling interconnects, making better measurements, and solving challenging signal integrity issues to 112Gbaud data rates.

Our products are born over many years of working in high-speed design environments, and are adopted by much of the measurement community for improving measurements, characterizing SERDES, and optimizing signal integrity.

Featured Products

Wild River ISI-56NEW!  ISI-56 - 56G Intersymbol Interference (ISI) Loss Modeling Platform

Wild River CMP-28CMP–28/32 Channel Modeling EDA Package

Wild River XTALK-32XTK-28/32 Crosstalk Modeling Platform

Wild River ISI 28/32ISI-28/32/40 Loss Modeling Platform


Product Categories
  • Channel Modeling
  • Signal Integrity Simulation
  • Signal Integrity Products
  • NRZ & PAM4 Data Patterns up to 56G
  • ISI - Intersymbol Interference
  • Crosstalk Aggression

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    • Northern California
    • Northern Nevada
    • Southern California
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    Northern California:   (408) 213-1090
    Southern California:  (310) 643-6977

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