Amplifier Research
Amplifier Research

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is the leading supplier of EMC RF/Microwave instrumentation amplifiers and test equipment.

For more than 30 years, Amplifier Research has been building a reputation for quality, consistency, and dependability. AR has become the number one EMC test equipment provider by thoroughly understanding their customer's needs and responding with innovative solutions that make test procedures easier, more efficient and more reliable.

AR manufactures broadband high-power amplifiers from dc to 40GHz (from 1 to 50,000 watts). These amplifiers are primarily used for radiated and conducted susceptibility testing but are equally suitable for general laboratory use (component testing, plasma studies, mass spectroscopy and heating). Available test accessories include antennas, directional couplers, field monitoring equipment, power meters and precompliance EMC systems. A line of transient generators for IEC, automotive, telecom, medical and component testing is also available. These transient generators offer the capability to meet test routines to spec, modify existing spec-based routines (already programmed in) or design your own.

Featured Products

AR-200A400-1A400 Series 400 MHz Solid-State RF Amplifiers

AR-200S1G6-1200S1G6 200W, 0.7-6GHz Amplifier

AR DSP ReceiverDER2018 20 Hz-18 GHz Digital EMI Receiver


NEW Chamber Partner

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AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has teamed up with Comtest Engineering as their Chamber Partner. AR now distributes all Comtest Engineering products, including:

  • Semi and Full Anechoic Chambers
  • Reverberation Chambers
  • RF Shielded Rooms
  • Antenna Test Ranges
  • Chamber upgrades including relining with Polystyrene Absorbers
  • RF Shielded Doors
  • Microwave Absorbers
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  • Amplifiers, RF/Microwave
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  • DSP Receiver
  • Field Analyzers
  • Field Monitoring
  • Hybrid Modules
  • MultiStar Multitone Tester
  • RF Test Accessories
  • Safety Products
  • Software
  • Absorbers (EMC)
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • EMC Chambers
  • RF Shield Box
  • Special Application Test Chambers
  • Temperature Chambers
  • Temperature Test Chambers

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