Ardent Concepts
Ardent Concepts

Ardent Concepts is a leading designer and manufacturer or high performance multicoax and coaxial assemblies, connectors, and sockets used in the development of next generation semiconductors and electronics systems. Our core technology is the smallest, fastest, most electrically efficient compression mount connector technology worldwide. As data rate requirements increase and devices and systems shrink, Ardent's products deliver superior signal integrity in a dense footprint that can be reusable across programs to maximize cost savings.

Our focus is on helping bring next generation computing to market through novel connector designs for test & measurements, OEM applications, and specialized military applications. Ardent's patented contact technologies are well suited for advanced multi-GHz applications such as board stack connectors, coaxial connectors, fPGA sockets, flex circuit connectors, probe interfaces, and mezzanine card connectors. We have a complete line of processors and MEMS devices. We support chip to chip, chip to board, board to board, and flex to board applications.

Featured Products

Ardent TR MulticoaxTR Multicoax Series Connectors--Superior Signal Integrity from Multiple Channels

Ardent CA SeriesTR CA Series Connectors and Interposers

Ardent ICFPIC Footprint Probe--Easily probe IC PCB footprints

Ardent SK SeriesSK Series--Durable Socket Solutions

TR Series Overview Video


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  • Connectors, RF/Microwave

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