NewWave DV
NewWave DV

The New Wave Design and Verification (New Wave DV) team is made up of passionate professionals who have extensive skill designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic systems for aerospace and defense systems. New Wave DV is focused on your high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and specialized networking applications. We uphold our reputation for industry-leading products and services through persistent dedication backed by decades of experience. By providing off-the-shelf solutions and custom engineering resources, New Wave DV confidently serves you to meet your cost, schedule, and technical requirements.

New Wave DV provides programmable network interface hardware, FPGA IP Cores, and system level products for high-speed serial interfaces used in embedded, maintenance, and diagnostic systems. Protocols supported include Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Mil1394 (1394b AS5643), sFPDP, ARINC 818, HSDB, and custom protocols.

New Wave DV hardware products provided in XMC and PCIe form factors. Rugged, high-temperature solutions offered. Alternate form factor options available for VPX, PXIe, and VME.

Engineering customization is also available to meet program requirements.

Featured Products

NewWave DV V1153V1153: 12-Port Rugged XMC FPGA Card

NewWave DV V1160V1160: Dual-Port 100G Rugged Ethernet XMC Card

NewWave DV V1161V1161: Programmable 100G Rugged Ethernet XMC ACAP Card

NewWave DV iVeriPHYiVeriPHY: Mil1394 Handheld Test Module

NewWave DV iRepeateriRepeater: Handheld Test Module


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