kSARIA Corporation
kSARIA Corporation

kSARIA has a full offering of military and aerospace fiber optic and electrical cable assemblies & harnesses. Working closely with our customers, kSARIA designs, develops and delivers the optimum solution to meet the performance, environmental, mechanical, and quality specifications of your system. The spectrum of custom assemblies includes single-point cables, high-channel count cables, hybrid cable assemblies, as well as Military to COTS break-out assemblies. kSARIA also offers all the supporting tools and kits.

So whether it is a new installation, an upgrade, or a repair, kSARIA has all the products and services you will need.

  • Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Fiber Optic Kits & Supplies
  • Fiber Optic Flex Circuits
  • Electrical Cable Assemblies & Harnesses
  • RF & Microwave Assemblies
  • Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing

Featured Products

kSARIA Fiber Optic CablesFiber Optic Cable Assemblies & Harnesses--Shipboard, Aerospace and Tactical Configurations

kSARIA OptiflexFiber Optic Flex Circuits--High Density Routing of Fiber Optic Channels

kSARIA Electrical CablesElectrical Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses--Custom Builds for Military, Naval, and Commercial Applications

kSARIA RF/M CablesRF & Microwave Cable Assemblies for Commercial, Aerospace and Defense

kSARIA Electro Mechanical MfgElectro-Mechanical Manufacturing--Assemblies for Military and Aerospace Applications


Product Categories
  • Optical Assemblies, Custom
  • Kapton Cables
  • Flexible Assemblies
  • Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers
  • Delay Lines, RF/Microwave
  • Delay Lines, Fiber Optic
  • Custom Optical Components
  • Connectors, RF/Microwave
  • Cables, Rigid Flex
  • Cables, RF/Microwave
  • Cables and Assemblies, RF/Microwave
  • Semi-Rigid Cable
  • Semi-Rigid Assemblies
  • RF Fiber Optic
  • RF Cables/Interconnects
  • Optical Switching & Subsystems
  • Optical Components

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