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Come out to DesignCon Jan 31st & Feb 1st at the Santa Clara Convention Center!

We'll be there, supporting many of our great manufacturers!


Here's a sneak peak at what they'll be showcasing:


Anritsu logo2          Booth 605

  • MP1900A BERT:  World’s First PCIe 6.0 Link Training.  Anritsu’s MP1900A Signal Quality Analyzer supports PCIe 6.0 CEM & Base Spec variation by providing a Link Training function for PCIe 6.0 with the newly developed 32 Gbaud NRZ/PAM4 Re-Driver MU196060A

  • VectorStar 70 GHz 4port Differential VNA System:  Characterize high speed interconnects, printed circuit boards, backplanes, fixtures, packages, probes, and more for signal integrity to 70 GHz using a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Measure single-ended, balanced differential, and mixed-mode S-Parameters. Profile impedance along a line using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). Simulate the eye diagram for a high-speed channel. Perform accurate network extraction for fixture de-embedding. Make E/O and O/E transfer function measurements


DVT Solutions logo          Booth 1339

  • Experience 40 Ghz True odd mode differential/single-ended variable-pitch probe integrated into a benchtop probing system for TDR or VNA instruments.

  • Witness the capabilities of the 110 GHz fixed pitch differential probe, ideal for characterizing differential traces on PCBs with wide pitch (.5 mm-1.27 mm) test pads, allowing extraction of S-parameters or impedances.

  • Explore samples of probe system components, empowering you to configure your custom probing system tailored to your specific needs.

  • Check out our 40 GHz – 70 GHz VNA broad band test board, recognized as a "golden standard" for verifying VNA system measurement accuracy. This verification is a secondary lossy calibration to the conventional SOLT calibration.

  • Learn the differences and use cases / applications for their Differential Probes.


Hyperlabs logo          Booth 955

HL5897 Ultra-Broadband Linear Amplifier

  • Broadband Data Driver: 48kHz to 63GHz
  • Exceptionally Flat Frequency Response
  • 14dB Gain
  • 112Gbps PAM4 Signaling

HL9409 Broadband Balun (500 kHz to 100 GHz)

  • Ultra-Broadband:  DC to 100GHz
  • ± 0.5dB Amplitude Match
  • 224Gbps PAM4 Signaling

HL9439 Broadband DC Block

  • Ultra-Broadband:  DC to 110GHz
  • < 2dB Insertion Loss
  • 224Gbps PAM4 Signaling
  • Available in Matched Pairs

HL9469 Broadband Z-matched Pick-off Tee

  • Ultra-Broadband:  DC to 110GHz
  • 4dB Insertion Loss
  • 224Gbps PAM4 Signaling
  • Available in Matched Pairs


Multilane logo          Booth 713

  • Pulsar, our new TDR Platform for 224Gbps System testing, doing a live measurement on a 51Tbps switch platform.

  • Real-time 800G transceiver testing via their new unified SW automation platform, Ultimus.

  • A complete test kit for the 1.6Tbps OSFP-XD Ecosystem, including loopback modules, MCBs, and HCBs.

  • Live 800G host testing with CMIS and loopback test fixtures in yet another 51Tbps switch platform.


SwiftBridge logo1          Booth 1259

  • High Frequency, High Fidelity, Phase-Matched Cables


T LeCroy logo          Booth 1249

  • USB-C Cross Layer Testing
  • Thunderbolt5/USB4v2/DP2.1 PHY Compliance
  • PCI Express Cross Layer Testing
  • PCIe 7.0 Electrical Transmitter Testing
  • DDR5 Validation and Compliance Testing
  • USB & HDMI Cable Testing & PCIe Fixture Characterization
  • Teledyne Storm Microwave:  Validation & Compliance to VITA Standard and VITA 67.3 Cables Nano Contacts Available
  • PSG: Ethernet and Fibre Channel Test Solutions (Xena products)

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