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    AME AsterionDC  

    Asterion DC Series - High Power Density, 1U/2U, Touch Panel Control
     - DC Series--40V to 600V, 1.7kW to 10kW
     - DC ASA Series--60V to 600V, 3-Channels x 600W
     - DC ASM Series--40V to 600V, 3 Channels x 1700W

    Ametek Asterion  

    Asterion AC Series - 500VA-6000VA Programmable AC & DC Power Source
     - Leading AC Power Density in a 1U Chassis
     - iX2 Current Doubling Technology
     - Up to 1000Hz Output Frequency

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    NEW Products!

    YOK DL350 Yokogawa IS8000 WT5000

    DL350 Portable ScopeCorder

    Deep measurement and recording capabilities for the lab in a compact instrument you can take into the field.

    IS8000 Integrated Software Platform

    Tightly integrates timing, control, and data collection from multiple instruments..

    WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

    Configurable high-accuracy power analyzer, with touchscreen, intuitive GUI and easy-to-use software.

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     Check out the latest offerings from
    Boonton Electronics!
    Boonton RTP5000 Boonton PMX40 Boonton 4500
    RTP5000 Real-Time Peak Power Sensors
    Highest Video Bandwidth and Fastest Rise Time
    PMX40 RF Power Meter
    Capture / Display / Analyze Peak & Average Power
    4500C Peak Power Analyzer
    Capture / Display / Analyze / Characterize Microwave & RF Power
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    Teledyne LeCroy WR8000 Teledyne LeCroy WavePulser TLecroy PAA  TLeCroy WaveProHD
    WaveRunner 8000 HDO
    350MHz-2GHz / up to 5Gpts Acquisition Memory - True 12-bit Resolution - 8 Channel
    WavePulser 40iX
    High Speed Interconnect Analyzer - TDR and S-Parameter 4-port, 40GHz Bandwidth
    Power Application Accessories
    RP4030: DC Power/Voltage Rail Probe
    : High Voltage Fiber Optically-Isolated Probe
    WavePro HD Oscilloscope
    12-bit up to 8 GHz and 20 GS/s, up to 5 Gpts, Full HD Touchscreen with Intuitive Navigation


    Ward/Davis Embedded Systems teams up with new principals!


    Milpower logo Safran

    Field-Proven, Mil-Grade Power and Networking Solutions

    Testing and Instrumentation for Aerospace, Mission Systems and Satellite Applications


    Introducing our NEWEST Manufacturers!


    AE Controls

    Power Supplies, Dynamometers, Energy Storage, Power Electronics, and Power Converting


    Innovation at Hyperspeed
    Broadband Baluns, Bias Tee and DC Blocks to 110 GHz


    Custom Cable Solutions for Commercial Test & Measurement Market
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Ward Davis Associates | Manufacturer Representative | California | Nevada | Hawaii

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Introducing new solutions that provide the Fastest Time to Insight and a Superior User Experience with our MAUI with OneTouch.
HDO 4000A/6000A

HDO4000A / HDO6000A
Upgraded HD Technology
200 MHz – 1 GHz‚ 10 GS/s‚ 4 Ch

Superior User Experience, MAUI with OneTouch
Powerful, Deep Toolbox
Exceptional Serial Data Tools
True 12-bit ADC resolution at all bandwidths
Front end: 0.5% DC accuracy
16 digital channels for mixed signal applications
    price request
HDO 8000A

8 Channel, True 12-bit, 350 MHz – 1 GHz, 10 GS/s 250 Mpts

Superior User Experience, MAUI with OneTouch
Powerful, Deep Toolbox
Exceptional Serial Data Tools
True 12-bit ADC resolution at all bandwidths
Quick multi-channel setup through copy/paste
Multi-tab display for grouping/comparing signals
Front end: 0.5% DC accuracy / low noise inputs
16 digital channels for mixed signal applications
    price request
MDA 800A

MDA800A Motor Drive Analyzer
Unique 3 in 1 Instrument for Complete Test Capabilities for Power and Embedded Control Debug

Dynamic power and mechanical motor analysis – dynamic data is available for further analysis
Static three-phase power analyzer calculations
8 Channel, 12-bit, 350 MHz – 1 GHz, 10 GS/s, 250 Mpts
Motor Drive Analyzer and Oscilloscope features can be used in parallel at all times for a complete analysis
    price request
WS 510

WaveSurfer 510
1 GHz, 10 GS/s – $12,900
Maximum Value, Minimum Investment

1 GHz, 4x 10 GS/s, 32 Mpts, 4 Channels
Superior User Experience, MAUI with OneTouch
Powerful waveform processing and debug tools
12.1” Touch Screen
    price request

High Voltage Fiber Optically-isolated Probes at Great Price

60 MHz Bandwidth
Common-mode (safety) voltage virtually unlimited (optical isolation)
Superior Noise and Rejection
Selectable tips for from +/-1V to +/-40V
    price request