Luna Technologies
Luna Technologies

Luna Technologies is a unique company providing highly accurate optical instrumentation for using distributed fiber optic sensing and fiber optic testing. Production line, network, and component testing are key areas of expertise in addition to strain & temperature sensing. Complete passive component characterization with real-time measurements of loss, dispersion, PMD in the C and L band. Provides OBR with zero dead zone OTDR.

Luna offers tunable lasers in MEMs-based external cavity laser, tunable laser in a compact package and a benchtop version with picometer accuracy.

Luna’s testing services give customers rapid access to the expertise and instrumentation to make measurements in application-specific environments. Testing services are offered in areas of Advanced Materials, Biomedical Technologies, Nano Materials, and Optical Systems Groups.

Featured Products

Luna OBR4600OBR—Optical Backscatter Reflectometer

Luna OVA5000OVA—Optical Vector Analyzer

Luna ODiSIODiSI—Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator


Product Categories
  • Reflectometers, Optical Backscatter
  • Strain Sensing Systems, Fiber Optic
  • Temperature Sensing Systems, Fiber Optic
  • Tunable Laser Platforms
  • Vector Analyzer, Optical
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  • Regions
    • Southern California
    • Southern Nevada

    Northern California:   (408) 213-1090
    Southern California:  (310) 643-6977

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